vHack RacerEdit

Mario-kart-style racing game for Google TV and Android mobiles and tablets


Matt Williams and Richard Thompson

About the hackEdit

Mario-kart-style racing game using OpenGL ES for rendering, meaning the CPU is very lightly-loaded. Features haptic feedback and control of Google TV from remote, mobile or tablet. If using a mobile or tablet with Google TV, powerup details are only shown on your device, and hence hidden from other players (although multiplayer isn't yet supported). Also features computer-controlled opponents and sound.

What APIs, tools or kit did you use?Edit

Works on Android versions: 8 - 16Edit

Android SDK APIsEdit

OpenGL ES 2.0/GLSL Sockets Usual Intents, SharedPreferences, etc. Adaptation for Mobiles, Tablets and Google TV

Third party APIsEdit

Immersion Haptics, Sony Google TV Remote Sensor SDK


Screenshot to be grabbed...


GPL source + Creative Commons media (details TBC)

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