V Hack Android Wiki

VHackAndroidGame at the end of the Bremen hackathon

V-Hack Race[]

A Multiplayer Racing Game.

You need a least three devices: One or more are the screens (tv and/or tablets), one is the server with a scoreboard (tablet or smartphone) and one or more are the controllers (typically smartphones). Like on a game console.

The screen devices search the network for a running server and connect to it. The controller smartphones have to scan the shown qr-code on the screen(s).

Technical details[]

All devices have to be in the same local network. The screen(s) receives UDP broadcasts to find automatically the server device. All physics will be calculated on the server. The screen(s) "only" shows the received informations.


APIs, tools and kits[]

  • Android-API: 9-16+

Own Libraries[]

  • DSI8AndroidCommunicationLibrary (Programmed at the Hackaton on September 15th, based on https://github.com/SvenTo/AndroidRCCar)
  • NetworkFinderLibrary (Programmed at the Hackaton)
  • AndEngine PhysicsEditor Extension

Third party APIs/Libraries[]

  • Game Engine: AppEngine + PhysicsBox2DExtension
  • JSON serializer: Jackson JSON Processor
  • Barcode Generation: zxing-cor
  • Haptic SDK UHL (by immersion)