V Hack Android Wiki

Local Hacks[]

Add your hack to this list of hacks by 12:00 on Sunday. Don't forget to help us organize the apk's in the Google Play Store and VHA store, afterwards.  

  1. vHack Racer Racing game for Google TV and Android mobile, being written for the vHack Hackathon
  2. Floodlight UI for Android is an application that gives network administrators and researchers a graphical UI to support their needs.
  3. MapsHack3000 Demonstration of the soon to be released Maps Library v2 for Android
  4. SharWePic Upload photos easily
  5. ChainGang : Ride along the wi-fi beam
  6. Door Bootler A door intercomm social network
  7. CineSub Accessible movie subtitles with text to speech {en, fr, de, es, it}
  8. (2nd) wePoker An Ad-hoc wePoker game, supporting mobile scenarios with few phones, to an upgraded experience with tablets, and ultimately delivering a full multi-screen experience using the combination of Phones, Tablets, Watches and a Google TV interface.
  9. (3rd) Food! Share the cooking experience with other people.
  10. VHackAndroidGame Multiplayer 2D racing game.
  11. (1st) MyHome Notifier Domotics control for your house on Google TV.
  12. Hap (Category of Accessibility (RNIB) winner) A Google TV remote with focus on usability
  13. TapSpeaker Extreme- Useful tasks, done simply and quickly, with NFC support too.
  14. Feel Good Haptic Clock A clock that you can feel and hear.
  15. Feel & Guess (Category of Haptic (Immersion) winner) A Game where the objective is to "feel" shapes and colors