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Best App - 3 Awards[]

  • Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Bronze Medal
  • Prizes: Choice of ALCATEL ONE TOUCH devices

Most Progress by Saturday evening[]

  • Prizes: Cinema tickets for Saturday evening

One other criterium (TBA)[]

  • Prizes: Remainder of ALCATEL ONE TOUCH devices, and O'Reilly books

Jury and criteria

Local organizers[]


  • 'Finish': It may be a hack, but it shouldn't always look like one. I think one should be able to get a MVP that exists out of at least one screen that is entirely finished, and with a design that matches that (icon, colours, layout). The structure of the app should be well considered and be very usable. The finish floods over into the Play Store and wiki.
  • 'Commercial': How viable is the idea to really solve a problem, and what are the possibilities to sell it commercially.
  • 'Tech': Using advanced technologies can cost you early in the hackathon but may provide great value in the long run. Because native apps are at focus we certainly don't want to exclude high tech value. How hard are the technologies (APIs, features, challenges) that have been used? How well-chosen are they?



Richard Meinsen[]

Library staff[]