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Local Hacks

Add your hack to this list of hacks by 16:00 on Sunday. Don't forget to help us organize the apk's in the Google Play Store and VHA store, afterwards.

  1. Team Apps R Us: Appy Birthday (Android Birthday Calendar). Each day you will see a random Android owner showing up that is having his or her birthday, and you can say "Happy Birthday" to them. Of course, you can enter your own and be congratulated by Android enthusiasts all over the world!
  2. Winner: Team Wasabi: Food!. Say you want to have a dinner with friends, and there's stuff that you can't eat for health reasons or stuff that you really like to have, then you'll add these ingredients the app. You'll then beam this to the rest of the group and the app will suggest you what to cook. As an added bonus it will also tell you who has to cook it.
  3. Team Nitro: CatchVIfYouCan. A runner walks around a city while being chased by a group of catchers. The catchers try to catch the runner, before he upgrades by visiting a Point of Interest.