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TapSpeaker ---Extreme![]

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Grant Kemp- aka androidbloke

==About the hack==

A couple of weeks ago, a friend and I were looking at NFC. We designed a simple app, which gave us plenty ideas for how we can make NFC accessible and Easy to use. Tapspeaker- Extreme was born.

The difficulty with NFC shortcuts is how you create the data. It takes a long time.

What if we can make it faster and easier.

Thats what Tapspeaker does.


Can't add any as it doesn't need a visual interface. - its completely driven by Voice Recognition and Gestures.

What APIs, tools or kit did you use?[]

NFC, Parse.com, Android, Custom API

Works on Android versions: 7 - 16[]

Android SDK APIs[]

Any device with NFC

Third party APIs[]

Custom webservice, CMS, Parse.com, Android


A screenshot


Source code and links[]

[1] - Androidbloke.co.uk