"If an android beeps and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?"

our confidential alien technology research recently discovered that android devices secretly communicate with sound (when nobody is listening). while investigation about this is ongoing, we'll try to simulate their behaviour. the result is:


vhack version 0.2

multiple android devices are communicating with sound by beeping ("piepsen") and listening to each other.

how to use: have more than one android device. put them together, e.g. on a table. a quiet place is preferred. start piepsendroid.

what to expect: device screens flicker in various colors. devices beep.

what happens: the devices listen and try to figure out the main frequency and amplitude (via the fiddle~ object in pure data). these are mapped to color values (hue,saturation,brightness). in auto mode the device will make a sound at random intervals. in version 0.2 this happens at a fixed frequency (440 Hz). this will change in the next version to experiment with different reactive / excitation patterns. one goal was to make as many parameters as possible available by adding them to preferences activity. the "diagnostic view" shows the current value, a central value and a deviation value. grab the code at github, there lots of stuff to do / improve / play with.

if your android does not pick up audio on start-up (shows constant color) you can try menu > diagnostic view.

Important service announcement: the content on this wiki is provided for documentation of the vhack android weekend project for historical reasons only. Development will continue on github focussing on experimentation and playing around. Feel free to clone, pull, push, and fork.

versions 0.1 and 0.2 were built during v-hack android at c-base.

the vhack (contest) version is 0.2. apk:

tech: android 2.2,, pd-for-android,

helpful starting point: guitar tuner example from Making Musical Apps by Peter Brinkmann

classification: alien technology

starting: from scratch

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