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MyHomeNotifier is an app, originally for Google TV, but later expanded to Android phones and tablets used to control Legrand's home automation system.

It was the winner of V HACK Paris, held October 12-14th, which was sponsored by Legrand, Alcatel and Sony.


About the hack[]

Settings screen on PC

myHomeNotifier connects to Legrand's API through a Google TV, which acts as a server and can communicate with other Android devices and PCs entered on the parameters.

Settings are made through a Chrome app where user can upload the house map and declare where every connected Legrand device: lights, curtains, thermostat, etc.

There are two major use modes: one can actively control the connected home or subscribe to notifications that won't interrupt the user.

He or she can be notified on its Android phone, tablet or Google TV, about temperature changing, electricity consumption and lights that were left on. Through these, user can react using these same devices.

What APIs, tools or kit did you use?[]

Android SDK APIs[]

Google TV, Android API 9 - 15

Third party APIs[]

My Open Legrand - API that allows development using Legrand's system

Capptain - Peer to peer communication

Arduino - Open Source electronics prototype