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We discovered that the recently released app Field Trip contains the new maps library v2.

First, we tried to separate the maps library from Field Trip. This failed, because after the necessary conversion steps one class mysteriously converted into an interface and was thus rejected by Dalvik.

The we injected our own app into Field Trip (by changing the Android manifest). Our app consists of two independant map fragments. One shows a neat 3D view of Berlin, the other one a top-down view of the same area. If you move the camera of the first map, the second map updates the camera position accordingly.

Download the APK here.

Although the APK contains the 3D maps rendering engine, you still need any version of the Google Maps app installed. We could not find out why this is needed.


Andreas Schildbach (https://plus.google.com/114712911621260660401)

Dirk Jäckel (https://plus.google.com/110167958764078863962/posts)

Tatiana V. Rybnikova (https://plus.google.com/117070317944894991932/posts)