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A long time ago in a library far, far away kids were enforced to endure visits to the library. Books were stacked unlogically and under a pile of dust. These were even times where only one computer was available for the visitors. Hard times ...


But with the rise of technology came the urge to change. One library showed promising prospects and introduced the system ZIZO (Zonder Inspanning Zoeken) and furthermore equiped all the books with NFC technology(Near Field Communication). These two features combined, create an effective and positive learning environment.

What if perchange three developers had the idea to create an app to make even a library a place of fun. An app that would explain pupils how to navigate and use the resources of a library in an interactive and pleasant way. We introduce to you library inspector where the inspector has to go on a quest and find items spread across the library in the hope to find Peach and free her.


  • Stephan Celis
  • Joris Jacobs
  • Jimmy Gysens

The quest[]

At the reception all the pupils will get the equipment necessary to free Peach. After the receptionist handed over the smartphones the pupils will need to take the inspector on their quest. This is done simply by starting the app (library inspector) and follow the instructions that are given in a sort of storyboard.

The app is build for completing a quest, which consists of different levels that corresponds to the items on the ZIZO wall. The great thing about the app is that the pupil can choose any theme of their liking. Boys will prefer sports, motors, .. where girls prefer health, etc.

Each level for example music consists of a few items(gitar, piano, saxofoon and drums) that pupils will have to collect during their visit. When they have collected all the items of a level they' re rewarded with a key.

At the end of the quest pupils will be able to navigate efficiently and next time they will find their way easily around the library. This skill is trained by completing 6 levels corresponding to the items on the ZIZO wall. Each time a pupil completes a level they are rewarded with a key which unlocks the way to Peach.


NFC or Near Field Communication is very short range wire-less communications.


to start, declare an intent filter and request to handle the date. To process the data, remember that NDEF message = and that the interessing parts are stored in the payload!

It's interessing to note that the NFC tags of the library Genk don't contain a payload(ISBN). So for this app we have worked with tags of our own where the payload contains a unique identifier.