Kurre Ståhlberg, Robert Heubel and Peter van der Linden from Immersion Corporation

==About the hack==

We created an Android virtual clock for touch screens where a user can feel the difference between the hour and minute hands without looking at the clock. The current version of the app works on Android cellphones, tablets and even the Sony Smartwatch. At the hack, two different blind users from the RNIB tested the app and both were able to "feel the time" correctly on their first try.

This app is also good for sighted user who do not want to be rude checking the time while in face-to-face conversations. They can easily check the time without looking at their watch or mobile device.

The app will be cleaned up and released for others to use soon on the Google Play store.

What APIs, tools or kit did you use?Edit

Works on Android versions: 7 - 16Edit

Android SDK APIsEdit

  • android.speech.tts.TextToSpeech

Third party APIsEdit


Android 3d - 400px

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