Door BootlerEdit

A social network for your door!


Friedger Müffke

Mathieu Calba

Fei Manheche

Kevin McDonagh

About the hackEdit

Intercomms are now for everyone! Instead of a regular doorbell now your Doorbell has a camera! There is an accompanying application which can be installed on phones, tvs &tablets! On each device a notification is presented on a phone along with the picture and a button to allow entry. Pressing the button opens the lock!

What APIs, tools or kit did you use?Edit

Door bell / lock Edit

IOIO Board Arduino board Servo motor Nexus one phone Hardware Switch Hardware Enclosure

Doorbell listener app Edit

Android Phone Android Tablet GoogleTv

Works on Android versions: 7 - 16

Android SDK APIsEdit

Bluetooth for lock/device connection SMS for internet failover Intent Service Notifications Broadcast receivers

Third party APIsEdit

GSon & ImageLoader - Photos are taken of people at the door and stored NotifyMyAndroid - notifications between the door and subscribing Apps IOIO library


Android 3d - 400px

A screenshot



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