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What is CineSub App?[]

Accessible movie subtitles with text to speech (TTS)

How to Use CineSub App[]

1. Go to: http://www.cinesub.co.uk/

2. Download the Client and Server ADK

3. Start the Server on the Tv

4. Start the Client on the Tablet and the Phone.

5. On the Phone or Tablet (client), scan the QR Code on the TV (server)

6. Choose your Desired Subtitle and TTS Language:
















7. Choose the Movie with the TV remote control, highlight and select to begin playback.

8. Our server will now automagically update your tablet and phone with SRT subtitles in the language you have chosen

9. If enabled, these subtitles will also be read out using the Android Text To Speech API (TTS) Enjoy ^_^

N.B. Using the app is a bit like having a babel fish in your ear so it takes some getting used to.

Link Dump / Notes[]

How to Use the app

"Start Here":http://www.cinesub.co.uk/

Follow Setup Instructions for the Google TV, Tablet, Phone and Watch (all devices on the same wifi network, enable bluetooth for the watch etc)

Download the CineWebClient and CineWebServer ADKs to the respective device

Start the CineWebServer on the Google TV

Start the CineWebClient on the Tablet / Phone

'Pair' to the TV

Choose your Desired Subtitle Language {en,es,fr,de,it}

  • Opt-out of TTS (Text to Speech)
  • Wear a single headphone earbud for the babel fish effect during the movie!
  • On the Google TV / server, choose a movie to play from the list and start playback

The subtitles and TTS will now automatically display on the phone. Enjoy!

Pairing Website

Development Notes

  • Notes: pairing should work like web.airdroid.com