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Polish your pronunciation skills

Europe is a wonderful place where everyone speaks their own language and dialect. To get around and talk with everybody, we try to adapt ourselves to the local community ... to simplify this we're creating an app that will help you to practice some convenient sentences in a certain language.

The app shows you a few convenient sentences in a certain language and you'll have to pronounce them correctly. The app will try to understand you, (won't work for the Dutch, nobody understands them) and it will give you feedback on your pronunciation. You'll be able to see your improvements over time.

This will help you to speak and get around in a foreign city in a completely different language?

  • You want to ask where McDonalds is in Riga?
  • You need a doctor in Vienna?
  • You want to say hello to a Spanish beauty?
  • ...

... now there's an app for that!

The Team[]

  • Kaarel Kaljurand (android)
  • Maarten Huijsmans (python & android)
  • Jo Simoens (python)

Learning Russian...

What do we have so far[]

  • Android: speech recognition
  • Android: accuracy calculation of the pronunciation
  • Backend: random list of sentences
  • Backend: saving results
  • Backend: results overview over time
  • ...

Technologies used[]

  • Android v3+
  • Google App Engine
  • Google Speech recognizer
  • Levenshtein distance