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We all know social calendars, but there is the 5th year anniversary of Android and there are 500M devices out there.

How cool will it be to see the birthdays of other Android users from all over the world and say "Appy Birthday" to them?

That is exactly what we do, each time you open the app we will show you up to 5 people that has their birthday today and you can congratulate them. Because we all love Android and we want to spread the love.

Of course, you should also fill your profile, so in your own birthday you can receive lots of notifications from other people you know nothing about, except the fact that they use Android as well.


Technologies used:

  • Google Cloud Messaging / Notifications
  • Action Bar and Fragments
  • Support back to 2.2 via ActionBarSherlock
  • Account manager (to read the account on the device)

Possible improvements:

  • More details in the user page (favorite apps, language, country)
  • Home screen widget
  • Support for multiple timezones
  • Viewing other people profiles from the "sent" & "received" tabs
  • Support for multiple devices / show number of devices in the profile
  • Add a personal message / select a card to include on the birthday wish
  • More playful design, animations and other stuff.
  • Leaderboards with the people that sends more birthday wishes
  • Separate the birthday wishes by year
  • Promote the people that sends more birthday wishes to be higher in the lists / better randomization
  • Add security via an optional password
  • Facebook integration to fill your profile / invite your friends